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Posted on April 2, 2016 by Qi 气 on Balance, Confidence, Energy, Failure, Feng Shui, Goal Setting, Living, Positive Psychology, Qi, Strength, Success, Visualisation

A quick guide to finding your positive Qi flow #1


This is common and understandable fear. Even ‘successful’ people suffer from a fear of failure and is likely to be their motivator. As with overcoming most common fears, it’s all about facing the fear by taking action. So I would invite you to write down a pressing worry that is on your mind at the moment, for example ‘I will not make my target sales figure / target weight by the end of the month’. Increase that figure by 5% more and place it somewhere visible within the home or office. Use post-its or screen savers on your iPhone. Use visualisation tools to see this challenge as something that has already been overcome. This subliminal reminder of what you could and indeed can achieve should manifest, and each time you become aware of the negative self talk remind yourself of it.

Avoidance and procrastination of working towards a dream may take the form of clutter in your home. Bills left unopened, paperwork that will ‘eventually’ be organised, endless to do lists. These only serve to act as an excuse not to work towards a goal area in some [ more important ] area of living. Focus on being confident with your decision making as you tackle the most challenging tasks on your to-do list first. Being organised and clutter free within your environment and subsequently your mind will help you to play to your strengths and accomplish great things.


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