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Posted on April 10, 2016 by Qi 气 on Balance, Feng Shui, Health, Living, Love, Mirrors, Qi, Relationships, Self-esteem, Yang, Yin

A quick guide to finding your positive Qi flow #2


It is a natural human condition to want the acceptance and love of others. When we find ourselves in a relationship we generally try to make sure that we don’t do anything to jeopardise it. This can lead towards many compromises, imbalance and eventually feelings of discontentment on either or both sides. I encourage clients seeking a fulfilling love life to check their bedroom first for clues as to what they really are attracting.

A classic Feng Shui non-no is to have mirrors in the bedroom facing towards the bed. This is said to attract others into your relationship. The bedroom is a place for re-energising oneself as well as a shared relationship. Check that there are no obstructions under the bed which can often in small apartments be used as an area for extra storage. As much as possible the bedroom should be a quiet place with little or no light penetrating through the windows. Electrical equipment such as televisions are discouraged as they omit electro-magnetic waves and disrupt sleep.

The symbolic exchange between form, light, colour and imagery that you capture in your minds eye before sleeping can influence dreams and upon waking up can also set a tone for the day. I encourage photos of a couple together, pairs of objects with a good balance between yin [ female ] and yang [ male ] design details and sensual materials.

Artwork or mirrors that are unintentionally hung too high, leaving us subconsciously feeling like we can never measure up. Similarly, tiled or broken mirrors generate a feeling of being cut, attacked or vulnerable. As a rule of thumb, artwork and mirrors should be hung 60 inches from centre to floor. As you bring everything to eye level, remind yourself that you are setting realistic expectations for living. It’s a fresh start for your self-esteem.


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