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Mid-Autumn Mindfulness

Ancient Chinese Yuan Emperors worshiped the harvest moon on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, as they believed that the practice would bring them a plentiful harvest the following year. The custom of offering sacrifices to the moon originated from giving thanks to the moon goddess: Chang’e or Chang-o, […]

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Clearing the clutter

We are approaching a rare Full Moon on Christmas Day, the last one was in 1977 with previous ones in 1920 and 1901. Interestingly all three have occurred in the sign of Cancer, which rules the Moon and is traditionally associated with nurturing, family, children, creativity and home. With this we are reminded to clear […]

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Winter Solstice at Newgrange

Dark retreats before the calculated caress of sun’s brightness. Winter’s hand pulls back from a small ancient chamber; light intensifies. For a few minutes, brilliance scatters kisses before light recedes. The night must return, and we can draw light into dark times if we try. Poem by Mary Mills. Written in Dr. Sylvia Baer’s online […]

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Hunters Moon

What’s so special about the moon tonight? Well it’s the last chance to see a Super moon until October 2016. This is the sixth and final one of 2015. The Native American people of the United States have an age old belief and saying. They term such a moon the Full ‘Hunters’ Moon for the […]

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A celestial dance

The two have been flirting since the beginning of June, and the gap has been visibly narrowing in particular over the past few days. Tonight Venus ( the Goddess of love ) and Jupiter ( the God of thunder ) will appear less than a chopstick-width apart, under a full moon. A time of intense […]

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Tuning into the Moon

Today’s Spring Equinox marks one of only two points in the year when the duration of day and night are equal. Yin and Yang energies are balanced and in perfect harmony. The first day of Spring has officially begun in the Northern hemispheres. What has been even more significant is that this also coincides with […]