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Trust the process

The word ‘Tao’ 道 (or Dao) translates into “path” or “way” and Taoist belief is based on the idea that there is a central or organising principle of the Universe, a natural order or a “way of heaven”, that we can come to know by living in harmony with nature, in tune with our hearts […]

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Tipping point

Just as the Taiji represents aspects of ourselves and our relationships, so too it refers to multiple levels of organisation, diverse connections to whole and Universal systems. When we analyse balance from a Feng Shui level we not only take a personal or inter-personal viewpoint but also analyse the balance within the greater system of […]

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Pulling the plug

Technology can make life easier but not essentially better. On Friday, I led a group expedition with seven teenagers into the beautiful wilderness of Sai Kung Country Park, Hong Kong. The contrasts between their [and my own] home environment of Central & Western Hong Kong Island could not be any greater. Our familiar jungle is […]