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A quick guide to finding your positive Qi flow #3

3. UNCERTAINTY / SECURITY   “ The only thing that is constant is change ” – Heraclitus In times where we feel pushed towards unexpected change we tend to seek comfort in that which is familiar. For some this can lead towards stock-piling and hoarding which communicates to your subconscious that you are in need, […]

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Reflecting Values – Carven

Marie-Louise Carven, was known as a Creator of ‘Contemporary’ Fashion. She died at the age of 105 this year, leaving behind a lustrous career in French Fashion, Prêt-à-Porter and the invention of the Push-Up Bra. I took a look at the current CARVEN collection in the Landmark Atrium, Hong Kong today. I was not disappointed […]

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Feng Shui // Vaastu // Wabi-Sabi

The concepts behind Feng Shui are not very different from Vaastu or Wabi-Sabi. In Chinese philosophy Qi is known as the Cosmic Breath or Life Energy and we recognise that there are opposing forces of Nature that are the basis for Yin and Yang theory. Just as Vaastu, the sacred space system from the Vedic […]

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The absolute: Ensō 円相 is a Japanese word meaning “circle” and a concept strongly associated with Zen. It symbolize’s the absolute, enlightenment, strength, elegance, the Universe, and the void; it can also symbolize the Japanese aesthetic itself. In Zen Buddhist painting, ensō symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit […]

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Pulling the plug

Technology can make life easier but not essentially better. On Friday, I led a group expedition with seven teenagers into the beautiful wilderness of Sai Kung Country Park, Hong Kong. The contrasts between their [and my own] home environment of Central & Western Hong Kong Island could not be any greater. Our familiar jungle is […]