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A quick guide to finding your positive Qi flow #3

3. UNCERTAINTY / SECURITY   “ The only thing that is constant is change ” – Heraclitus In times where we feel pushed towards unexpected change we tend to seek comfort in that which is familiar. For some this can lead towards stock-piling and hoarding which communicates to your subconscious that you are in need, […]

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Enclosed spaces – Ancient Seoul

The spatial configuration of urban landscapes results from cumulative interactions between human activities and the physical environment. Traditional philosophies and cultural legacies have had important influences on urban development and planning in East Asia. In Seoul, South Korea, traditional land use practices based on Feng Shui have significantly contributed to human-mediated patterns of landscape changes, […]

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Frozen Light

Crystals are used in Feng Shui in a variety of ways to create good energy in the home or office. The word crystal-comes from the Greek word ‘krystallo’, meaning frozen light. Faceted lead crystals are often hung either in specific Feng Shui sectors of a given space or in a window. On a sunlit day […]