Qi Consultancy Sam McDaid

The concept of ‘making people think’ is the core principle of performance coaching and mentoring.

It is referred to as self-directed learning.

As an ILM [Institute of Leadership and Management] certified coach I use this approach by asking questions that direct the coachee inward, enhancing creativity and balanced thinking. Together we establish an interactive link with the subconscious mind, and hence open vast possibilities for self discovery and personal development.

Once the coachee has analysed and established areas of their lives for development, Feng Shui becomes a tool for visualizing, activating and manifesting the goals set. Our environment and so our thoughts become as one.

Are you interested in being coached?

Which areas of your life are you investing most energy or Qi  in at the moment?

As a result what or who may be neglected?

Some examples may be wanting to have better relationships, overcoming fears, saving for a deposit on a home, making some important steps in your career.

If you think this sounds interesting please contact me for more information.