Qi Consultancy Sam McDaid

Feng Shui is a popular yet largely misunderstood subject: more and more books, blogs and ‘you tube’ tutorials surface each year. Some make complete sense to eager students, whilst others confuse and conflict with the most experienced of scholars. For most people, reading these manuals for enhanced living is:

“Like clutching a log floating somewhere in the ocean at night. You know you’re holding on to something, but what it is, or where you are or where you might end up, is not at all clear.”

Shan -Tung Hsu, PH.D, Seattle USA, June 2014

Without some clear, basic orientation it is very difficult to connect the dots and draw any kind of big picture between the fundamental concepts or application to space, time and our wellbeing.

My aim is to dispel the myths and misunderstandings of Feng Shui through a #101 weekly tweet. I hope to share with you, the reader, a philosophical basis and fundamental rationale for using Feng Shui and design to enhance our brief but significant existence.

I promise not to set you off on a scavenger hunt for mirrors, fish tanks, water fountains, or gadgets to scare away bad luck. My approach is simply inspired by nature, informed by cultural and popular trends. I merge my evolving Qi  knowledge and understanding of this ancient Chinese practice with our needs for modern living.

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