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Posted on August 31, 2016 by Qi 气 on Confidence, Energy, Fear, Feng Shui, Hope, Living, Mercury Retrograde, Qi, Retrograde

Let’s focus on a future-possible


And so it begins…


We have entered into a Mercury Retrograde dear friends. Be not afraid!

Rather than advise you to avoid signing contracts, taking long trips, making important career moves etc I would like to invite you to consider using this highly energetic time to focus on growth, on your own conscious evolution. In doing so you will be saying no to fear. You’re not alone as this is an emotion that stir’s in every heart across the world.

What do you fear the most? Rejection? Success? Poverty? Homelessness? Failure?

Consider this and write it down. Make it BIG, Make it LOUD, Say it, Make it real…but is it? Could it ever be? Now we are in a place of reality and that’s where we can better make meaning of this world.

Instead now focus on shifting this powerful Qi  energy towards who you want to become. Give it meaning and possibility, that draws your eyes toward a new path forward. Visualise what you want in your experience of living over the next twenty days in particular.

Invest time in working towards your goals and watch the magic unfold.

Design a life you will love.



Image credit – A Religious Experience – by Adam Belt 2012


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