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Posted on January 8, 2015 by Qi 气 on BaGua, China, Chinese New Year, Feng Shui, Numerology, Qi

Lucky 8

“Feng Shui period’ is a term used in the flying star school (called San Yuan) to define the movement of positive energies or Qi. Flying stars deal with the time factor surrounding the completion of a residential building or commercial premises.

Each time period in Feng Shui lasts for 20 years and, as there are 9 periods, a complete cycle takes 180 years. Period 8 started on February 4th 2004. Therefore we are currently living in the age of 8 and will continue to do so until February 2023when it becomes Period 9.

The auspicious energy for the period 8 can also be used within the home or office by incorporating earth element materials, such as decorative items made from clay, ceramics, stones, etc. On a bigger scale, the earth element of the period 8 is considered to determine profitability for any industry connected to land/earth resources, as well as advocating shifts towards caring for our earth.

In Hong Kong, car owners pay a premium for license plates incorporating the number 8. A “lucky” license plate turned out not to be so lucky for five men who were jailed in Beijing for 16 months for fighting over the plate that ended in four eights, China’s traditional number for good fortune. The men allegedly armed themselves with knives and clubs and beat anyone who came near a machine issuing new license
plate numbers at a Beijing vehicle registration center in 2008.

Unit numbers also with the number 8 included or indeed living on the 8th floor of a building is also considered lucky and is reflected in the increased rental cost or market value.

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