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Posted on September 15, 2016 by Qi 气 on Balance, Change, Confidence, Eastern Philosophy, Goal Setting, Growth Mindset, Harmony, Health, Human experience, Living, Love, Metaphysics, Mindfulness, moon, New beginning, Nurturing, peace, Philosophy, Positive Psychology, Positivity, Qi, Self-esteem, Success, Transformation

Mid-Autumn Mindfulness

Ancient Chinese Yuan Emperors worshiped the harvest moon on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, as they believed that the practice would bring them a plentiful harvest the following year.

The custom of offering sacrifices to the moon originated from giving thanks to the moon goddess: Chang’e or Chang-o, originally known as Heng’e.

Such feasts included apples, plums, grapes, and incense, but moon cakes and watermelons (pomelos in the south) are essential. The watermelon’s (or pomelo’s) skin is sometimes sliced and opened up into a lotus shape when offered as a sacrifice.

In the 21st Century we perceive sacrifices somewhat differently. So tonight as you sneak a peak of the full moon in all her illuminated glory, I invite you to think about some of the vices you may have, a habit which may be costly in time, health or relationships.

Evaluate whether or not the path you are on is taking you to where you want to go. If not, change your direction, let go of thoughts, people and experiences that no longer serve you. Set some achievable and measurable goals throughout the course of the next ten days to achieve a more positive experience of living.


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