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Posted on November 5, 2015 by Qi 气 on Architecture, Beauty, Branding, Design, Energy, Fashion, Feng Shui, Five Element Theory, Harmony, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Travel, Interior Design, Qi, Retail, Spatial Design, Yang, Yin

My place or yours?

Heatherwick studio was asked to find ways of improving the Pacific Place Complex owing to competitors threatening its position as a market leader in Hong Kong retail.

The improvements cost $166 million HKD whilst the mall remained open for business as usual. The result is much improved circulation by introduction of new escalators and elevators, transformed signage, opened up sight-lines and increased quality of natural light or yang energy.

The water element [a Feng Shui term] of this project has been improved and therefore the complex now exudes a new confidence in spending. Undulating wood and stone surfaces create a sense of connectedness with nature and stability – the recreational spaces invite workers and communities to come together in a shared forum. As a result, The Pacific Place has become one of Hong Kong’s most successful retail design stories.

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