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Posted on December 22, 2014 by Qi 气 on China, Feng Shui, Hong Kong, Living, Philosophy, Qi, Tao, Taoism


“A single character is usually made up of different elements, and therefore to a reader of Chinese, can convey many shades of meaning. The word Tao is usually translated as ‘path’ or ‘way’, but Tao has other meanings too. It can refer to the way of doing things, the path or Universe, to the way of life that Taoists follow.” Patricia Lim – Discovering Hong Kong’s Cultural Heritage

More interestingly the charter for Tao symbolises an inner way as well as an outward path.The character for Tao is a combination of the two characters that represent the words ‘head’ and ‘foot’. The character for ‘foot’ suggests the idea of a person setting their feet on a path in a particular direction. The character for ‘head’ suggests the thinking person’s conscious choices. But ‘head’ also suggests a beginning and ‘foot’ an ending, both for the person setting intention for a journey and the Universe driving it’s direction. The character for Tao demonstrates the idea that the eternal is both moving and unmoving. 

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