Qi Consultancy Sam McDaid

Qi can be harnessed for positive results by individuals, families, corporations and institutions. Feedback is important and I would like to thank my clients for their ongoing loyalty and enthusiastic endorsements. While a list of my client base is unavailable due to confidentiality, here is a snapshot of what individuals have to say about my services:



Sam has a unique gift & service, combining her skills from her European upbringing and experience in the design industry, with her mastery of eastern Feng Shui practice.

I had the good fortune of consulting with Sam for my Hong Kong design studio and office. Her guidance has been invaluable and the changes that we have incorporated in the space have created a clear energetic flow as well as enhanced the aesthetics while remaining true to our company philosophy.

Her insights created many ‘a-ha!’ moments for me, and I feel empowered to have the knowledge about how best to work with the space.

Sam’s services are something of a rarity and I would recommend her to anyone looking to make both aesthetic and energetic positive change in their environment.

Catherine Deane, Founder of Catherine Deane Ready-to-Wear and Bridal Design





“We had the opportunity to work with Qi Consultancy for a residential project in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. The client was concerned about Feng Shui and asked us to follow this philosophy. As architects, we could at first be afraid of the invasive aspect of the Feng Shui rules but with Sam we understood it could be very flexible, modern and actually inspiring, especially following her advice on colour, materiality and room ambiance.

We are really happy about this collaboration and are convinced Sam’s Feng Shui analyse has greatly improved the process and final result.”

Charlotte Lafont-Hugo, Architect & Director, BEAU Architects, Hong Kong




“ I didn’t know much about Feng Shui before the renovation of our office but have changed my mindset about it from being suspicious let’s say, to more willing to understand the ideas behind it. I am a very rational person so I find sciences that are not scientifically proven difficult to believe in. However, I am more open to the ideas behind the practice now.

 Before the design and development stages began, Sam issued a very detailed questionnaire and talked to me about my personal needs for the space. I felt as though we as a department were being listened to, thoroughly consulted,

that someone really cared about our wellbeing.

The result is a much better working atmosphere and collaboration amongst staff, we now know each other much better, previous differences have gone. The sense of space also means that we have to respect everyone’s needs for silence at times, so we self-regulate in a way and lower our voices when needed.”

Elise Lefebvre, Teacher of French and Spanish, Hong Kong, English Schools Foundation


“ When Sam began her Feng Shui consultations, I didn’t really know a great deal about the practice, other than I think that it is known to help the flow of positive energy. I’m open-minded – neither a believer nor a disbeliever!

I appreciate the fact that our views were listened to and think that the new space that we have makes for an excellent working environment, which meets the criteria that I had in mind. It is now a pleasure to work in the Heritage and World Languages Office. Thank you so much!”

Kelly Diaz, Leading Teacher of Spanish, Hong Kong, English Schools Foundation


“ As a new business start up, I needed some help with my branding, logo and identity. I was also curious to know how Feng Shui principles could be applied to my corporate image. I consulted with Sam, who quickly pulled together the essential elements – colour palettes for logo and web design, use of fonts, a logo, a slogan and a marketing strategy.

She is friendly, enthusiastic and approachable. She tackled this project with the highest level of professionalism. I am thrilled with ‘we do’ and the contribution she has made – at every stage, from conceptualisation to the realisation, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you Sam!”

Julie McGrory, Founder and Executive Manager ‘we do’ Ireland