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Trust the process

The word ‘Tao’ 道 (or Dao) translates into “path” or “way” and Taoist belief is based on the idea that there is a central or organising principle of the Universe, a natural order or a “way of heaven”, that we can come to know by living in harmony with nature, in tune with our hearts and within the wider realm.

Nothing in the Universe is fixed, static or non-moving; everything is transforming all the time. This constant flow of Qi 气 energy, the essential energy of action, existence and active principle forming part of all living things, is believed to be the influence that maintains balance in life.

When some aspects of our own experience of living seem off balance, we can take comfort in this idea of surrendering to ‘the way’ and learn to trust that things will work out. The Universe, the cosmos, Earth and mankind are structured analogically and are equal, forming an interconnected whole.

This month I have been learning transcendental meditation and realising the importance of letting go, relinquishing the need to control and learning to trust that things will simply be taken care of. I feel happier, lighter, more abundant, thankful and am enjoying better health and relationships. Trusting the Universe requires patience, intuition and belief in yourself. Our strongest, most powerful connection to all the stars, the cosmos and everything else around us that can guide us, is actually within us. The universe is within you and all of us collectively. So ‘let go’ by finding stillness, facing your fears and limiting self-beliefs, and trust that this greater force will support you.


I have a plan

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